In 2014 Capita Travel and Events, a leading corporate travel management company, had scaled up its business as a result of a number of acquisitions. Over the following two years, a rapidly changing sector called for an evolution of their brand and positioning, in order to retain their specialist proposition and elevate the overall Capita brand.

Any proposed brand changes had to compliment the wider Capita plc brand, and therefore had to be agreed by the central Capita marketing team. The Capita plc corporate guidelines were restrictive, yet had enough flexibility for our team to find something that created difference, without stepping outside of them.


The visual language of using ’20 degree angles’ was inspired by the Capita plc logo, a recognisable mark in its own right. By taking our cue from the subtle cut of the T and matching the slope of the A, it helped us establish a foundation of a more dynamic graphical approach. The addition of intercutting shapes and coloured overlays created a sense of transparency and movement, reflecting the business and its function. 

The new brand unfolded across online and offline assets, influencing event stands and the website to bring the business together as one.

The new visual language gave the Capita Travel and Events brand a more professional and consistent approach, filtering through to all offline and online comms channels. The application of angular shapes and realistic photography created a sense of real-world dynamism in the services offered.

Following the roll-out, Capita Travel and Events has experienced a far more effective engagement process with, not only prospective customers but with existing customers, suppliers and employees within the business. 

“MA brought clarity and purpose to a what was a complex branding proposition. The outcome has been well recieved internally and externally, leading to greater engagement opportunities for us.”

Neal Poole, Marketing Manager, Capita Travel and Events