The Benefits of Brand Animation

One of the biggest advantages a brand can have in marketing today is the ability to capture an audience’s attention through visual communication. As we have moved from paper marketing and print and focus has shifted to a more diverse and flexible digital realm for advertising, we can see that visual marketing can have a big impact on gaining interest in your brand, if done correctly.

Generally, the average person has a relatively low attention span, particularly when they are not looking for anything in particular and this is why it’s important to grab their attention quickly. A single page of text cannot give you that speedy engagement, whereas image-based advertising or motion graphics can instantly capture their imagination and draw them in, with something interesting, visually stimulating and exciting to click on. The written word is paramount for giving the details of a service or product but ultimately, you need to get your audience interested in the first place.

How Can Brand Animation Help Your Brand?


Brand Marketing offers a way to push your brand through various channels. One of these channels is social media and by using Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, a brand can advertise and target core demographics but it’s key that they use the right kind of marketing. Paid ads are effective, as are PR pieces and topical content but video marketing and brand animation video can really help engage potential customers, through clever visual messaging. This can be through infographics with animated motion graphics or brand videos with fun animations promoting your product.

Condensed Information

We can process complex information through sight and sound but a long page of text isn’t the most engaging content to read and customers are likely to click-off before seeing the core message. An animation video can condense that message into an easily digestible piece and deliver it in a fun and memorable way.


Animation is extremely cost effective when compared with live video productions which require actors, production elements, crew, time for editing and other resources, including equipment hire. With high quality animation video production, you can push your brand effectively, giving exactly the message your brand wants to promote easily and more directly.


Traditional marketing methods are still worthy of consideration but animation videos for brand promotions are a modernised way to get your message out across multiple platforms to all audiences, young and old. Your company ethos and “personality” can be included and help people understand and feel more connected to your brand.

Memorable & Shareable

It’s obvious that infographics and animation videos are going to be more memorable to the user and would also provide a direct way for people to share socially to their friends, if the content is worthy. Making something a customer would share online and remember is the key goal with animated videos.

Conversion Rate

Conversions can increase by up to 75% with animation video on your website and with the possibility of grabbing the attention of the user within 1/10th of a second.


Animation videos provide a universal way to promote your message globally. The language barrier can be broken by using clever video marketing through animation ideas.

Brand Familiarity & Cohesiveness

Your brand colours and logo can be used in any video animation you create to maintain consistency across your marketing. Brand animation can help with that. It can be used as an extension of your application or website and it’s a great way to bring your message to life.


What's the difference between an explainer video and a brand animation video?

An explainer video offers an animation or live video representing a process of your service or how you operate to your customers. It provides a way to convey sometimes complex details in an easy-to-digest way via a step by step method.

A brand animation video can be used to represent your brand and your ethos in a stylistic and memorable way.

How long does an explainer video take to create?

We always aim to turn an explainer video around within 3 weeks. Often the process can take less time, depending on complexity.

What does the process involve?

Briefing and understanding the video’s objectives. What do you want to communicate? Who are you talking to? Where is it likely to be used? These are all good framing questions to understand the best way to define a creative approach. We then create a rough ‘walkthrough script’ with some accompanying visuals to set the scene. Once signed off, we can tighten up the script and create a detailed storyboard that will be used to create the animation or shoot footage.

The next stage is production planning for executing a shoot (often including a location recce, props, people, timing etc) or if animating, collating and creating assets to build each scene.

We then go into production, shooting any footage with an optimised crew or creating the animation needed.

Finally, we edit and add audio and then render the final video for delivery. You are involved throughout the process to ensure we deliver against the objectives and we aim for complete customer satisfaction.

Do you need a voiceover to create the video?

Voiceovers aren’t required as it will depend whether you need an audio explainer or whether you can use just visual cues to get your message across. Also, bear in mind that some people will not automatically have audio switched on and website page videos that auto-run generally do better when they are not relying on audio.

What formats can you deliver the video in?

We can produce videos in AVI, Divx, MP4, HEVC, or any other format that you may need.

What software tools are used for the animation videos?

We use Adobe Creative Cloud. So depending on what is required, we use Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Animate, Character Animator, Audition or Fuse.