A Focused Approach

Part 4/5 of the creative partner series. We discuss how partnering with a creative agency can deliver results and quality by being fully focused.

By Sean Masters
Friday, February 21st, 2020
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To better understand the challenges that Marketing Managers’ face when working with a creative partner, we asked a group of senior marketing professionals for their thoughts.

The feedback was rich with over-lapping experiences. So, we thought we would share them with you, adding our perspective too.

Here’s what they said…  

Pulled from pillar to post

The majority of participants commented, to varying degrees, on how their roles were “not always focused on marketing” and achieving the marketing plan. They referred to how they viewed creative partners as “100% marketing focused” whereas the in-house team is “pulled into lots of other things.” Having someone fully focused was seen as the only way to get a marketing plan delivered.

Results focused

Having a “results-focused asset in the team” was another response provided to support the use of a creative partner. They stated that “agencies can focus on just one part of a project and therefore push for results rather than getting tied up in office politics that can slow down internal teams.”

Vanity metrics

However, having a results-focused asset in the team came with a warning. Several participants referred to their experience of working with creative partners who were solely focused, not on revenue or value, but on “mediocre metrics” they could control and prove their worth.

The MA takeaway

When working with marketing departments, as a creative partner, we’re acutely aware of the limited time and attention they have. Not to mention the other stakeholders who have input – we’re here to reduce the pressure, not add to it. That’s why we place ‘ownership’ at the top of the list. By taking responsibility and ownership for the project we’re working on, we share the pressure of delivering quality and ROI.

Proper, meaningful success metrics are notorious to attain from a creative partner’s perspective. There are so many working parts to a campaign or communication strategy that rely on other departments and colleagues that it can sometimes be like trying to align the planets. It’s not an excuse, more a reality. That’s why by ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and bought in from the beginning (including sales teams, etc) everyone is more invested in working together on achieving the right kind of results. Then everyone proves their worth.       

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