What is Corporate Social Responsibility anyway?

Within this blog we discuss the term corporate social responsibility. Including, what we are doing and why it is important.

By Aidan
Thursday, March 5th, 2020
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The term CSR or corporate social responsibility (if you have an aversion to acronyms) is something that I’ve been familiar with for some time. Equally it’s something that I had not really taken the time to explore within the business.

Many companies have and do practise some form of CSR with the broad goal of contributing to the community or the environment for example. Whilst on paper this makes some sense, I guess I hadn’t explored or indeed considered ‘why’.

The ‘why’ of course can differ dependent on one’s drivers and motivations etc. But if we remove the obvious, for me it now boils down to ‘Values’, ‘Purpose’ and a ‘Connection’.

At least, this is what I realised after meeting Emma Hallam!

If you have ever met Emma Hallam, you cannot help but be inspired by her sheer drive and determination. As the founder of the Leicestershire-based charity Alex’s Wish, since 2012 she has been on a mission to eradicate Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is an aggressive form of Muscular Dystrophy that affects 1 in every 3,500 boys born and a condition which sadly, affects her own son, Alex.  However, instead of allowing this devasting disease to beat her, she chose to face it head on and in doing so, supports thousands of other boys, facing the life limiting effects of this currently incurable disease. 

Always positive and solutions-driven, the thing is, you can’t help but be inspired to join Emma on her journey and so with the support of my team here at Masters Allen, that is exactly what we decided to do and I’m proud that we have become part the Alex’s Wish team.

So, what is it we are doing and why is it important to us?

Supporting a charity within the community is to an extent why we are working with Emma on her journey. But honestly, it’s so much more than that for us. At its heart, Alex’s Wish is about family and here at Masters Allen, we felt a real sense of connection with that [Values]. We knew that within our family we could help make a difference and so we approached Emma with the aim of providing Alex’s Wish with all of its marketing needs. We were therefore delighted when Emma invited us to join her. We are confident that in partnership with Alex’s Wish, that we can use our knowledge and expertise to help raise the profile of the charity to continue to raise much needed funds to support doctors to find a cure for this life-limiting disease [Purpose].

As I’m writing this post, the Alex’s Wish team are in our office discussing the next campaigns that we are working on collectively [Connection].

For me this post is about sharing my/our road to enlightenment in regard to CSR. It took an inspirational mother and charity founder to uncover this. The ‘why’ was hugely important in this process for us. Shared values, a sense of purpose for what we are doing and an ability to connect, rather than at arm’s length was extremely important – this is how we feel we can make a difference.

There are so many worthwhile causes out there that need help and I encourage everyone to explore the ‘Values’, ‘Purpose’ and ‘Connection’ when it comes down to exploring CSR.

For more information about Alex’s Wish or to make a donation, please visit

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