Blacks Cheese


In 3 years Blacks Cheese went from the idea of producing the best quality cheddar with real milk, to winning multiple awards for their blended products, to building a successful customer base (or their ‘mice’ as they were affectionately known) on the show circuit and via social media.

We got to the heart of what Blacks Cheese was all about – their customers. Customers were the reason they used real milk, the reason their maturing process was longer, the reason their blends were better graded.

With £7.5bn worth of cheese consumed every year in Britain, Blacks Cheese saw the their next logical growth step in retail and wholesale. Blacks Cheese challenged us to translate their cheeky, irreverent banter with customers to a product sat on a shelf without becoming just another cheese brand in an already over-served market.

Blacks Cheese knew they were making some of the finest blended cheese on the market, not from multiple awards accrued, but from the feedback and reaction from their rapidly growing customer base – “If everyone knew what real cheese tasted like, we’d change the world!”


“…change the world!” A bold statement, but a serious thought. This thought became the basis for a revolution. No longer would cheese lovers have to endure sub-standard produce. Blacks Cheese, with their bold, irreverent character were the revolutionaries that would bring about ‘Cheese of Change’ – “Join us in the fight for a betta’ cheddar!”. In addition to the campaign, packaging underwent an overhaul, to work harder on the shelf and pull together some of the warm character found on the show circuit, mixed with a high-end product feel – Viva la ‘cheese’ revolution!

Our call-to-arms became the point of difference within a market dominated by quaint, cottage-industry, artisan brands. We were delighted when we found out that the campaign led to the following outcomes:

  • 200% distribution increase to independent retailers
  • Christmas trade increase x3 fold 
  • Increased customer engagement 

“The MA team were fantastic. They just got us and what we wanted to achieve. It’s made a huge difference to how we engage with our customers.”

Chris Andrews, Managing Director, Blacks Cheese