Masters Allen

With the start of a new decade and a website overhaul on the horizon we decided this was the perfect opportunity for a fresh new look for Masters Allen. Rebranding the agency started out as a logo change but quickly became a much broader project.

The team at Masters Allen all took part in this task, each member adding their own individual talents making this a real collaborative effort. Utilising skills from design, print, video, animation, copywriting and social media our team went about creating a cohesive look and feel for the whole project across a wide range of materials.

Everything started with the new logo, we wanted a softer and friendly identity that we could use in multiple ways. By creating what we call “the squiggle and dot” which make up the MA letters we found that we could be more free and fluid with our design layouts which helps to make this rebrand have a fun feel.

We created a full brand toolkit which encompasses everything from logo variants and usage, colours and fonts to social media elements, website and internal printed materials. Seeing everything working together all in one place really helped the team see this collaborative effort become a real achievement.

The concept behind our new look was based on our multi-talented, multi-layered, diverse team so the idea to create something layered and textured was paramount. We wanted to physically make something that could be filmed and add movement to catch the eye so we reached out to our friends at Wigston papers to collaborate on this project.

We met up with the team to carefully choose a selection of papers from their Gmund Colours range which matched as closely as possible to our chosen colour palette. With what we had planned we were recommended the 300gsm weight and got to work cutting and layering our signature pattern.

To create the moving version of our pattern we clamped the patterned paper structure together and hung from frame to take any excess weight from the paper when filming. The movement came from air blown from a hair dryer underneath which once filmed and slowed down created the subtle lifting movement of the visual identity.

Branding your own business is one of the hardest projects for any agency / designer to undertake as you’re so up close and overly critical but we have truly created something that we’re all happy with and as a team we are incredibly proud of the outcome of this project. If you feel you would like to take this kind of hands on approach for your own business please get in touch as we’d love to get involved!