Advertising FAQs

How do advertisements work?

Typically, the marketing and creative team would work together to sculpt an advert that appeals to a specific target audience. Usually, the goal of an advert is to increase sales or brand awareness. Adverts allow consumers to find out about a product or service they need or would like. 

How to advertise your business? 

Advertisements are unique to each business, depending on their product or service. 

Below are some broad tips that could help your organisation. 

  • Embrace social media.
  • Start a blog on your company website.
  • Optimise your company’s website for success using search engine optimisation techniques.
  • Press releases.
  • Join a relevant online community and contribute to it.

What does advertising do? 

Advertising is designed to promote or sell a product, service or idea. 

What does advertising include? 

Advertising can be found on various platforms traditionally in newspapers and magazines, radio and television. Advertising is used frequently on social media, websites etc. You can also receive advertising through direct advertising, for example, outdoor advertising or through direct mail.

What’s the difference between advertising and marketing? 

Advertising is when an organisation makes its product or services known to an audience. It is the literal process, generally done through advertising campaigns in the media. On the other hand, marketing is a process that involves design, creation, research and data mining about how to align best the idea of a product or service with the correct target audience. Marketing will help an organisation to define their product or service even more than the actual product does.

What’s the difference between advertising and promotion? 

Advertising helps an organisation to increase brand awareness and sales; advertising will hopefully result in long-term effect. However, promotion is a short-term technique, usually used to boost sales of a specific product or service. 

What’s the difference between advertising and publicity? 

Advertising is how an organisation would like to portray their products and services; however, publicity is what others say about an organisation.