Graphic Design FAQs

How to brand your company? 

  1. Decide on your brand’s ideal target market.
  2. Establish a brand mission statement.
  3. Do some competitor research. 
  4. Complete a SWOT analysis.
  5. Create a brand logo & tagline.
  6. Form your brand voice.
  7. Build a brand message and elevator pitch.

How to brand a product? 

  • Create a logo.
  • Write down your product messaging.
  • Integrate your product.
  • Create a “voice” for your company that reflects your product.
  • Develop a tagline.
  • Design templates and create product standards for your marketing materials.
  • Be consistent.

How to design a logo? 

When designing a logo, you should first understand why you need one. The logo should define your brand identity. You will want your logo to be unique, have a look at what your competition is doing in order to stand out. 

Things to consider when designing a logo: 

  • Typography. 
  • Colour. 
  • Usability.

How to design a website? 

  1. Define your site’s purpose and strategy.
  2. Look into the latest web design trends. 
  3. Choose what platform you would like to use. 
  4. Decide on your branding.
  5. Think about how you could optimise your content. 

What is print advertising? 

Print advertising is when an advert is physically printed—for example, a newspaper.