Video & Animation

They always seem to just catch your eye at the right time, whether your scrolling through Instagram or visiting a website. Video and animation are becoming more influential in helping brands tell a story, convey a message or a demonstrate a product or service. Their flexible format allows us to use across various channels from social media in short bursts to pique interest, to full-length at events and in websites to inform.

Animation and some lower-end forms of video production are extremely cost-effective compared with larger video productions where actors, locations, equipment and crew are involved. With high-quality animation and motion graphics, you can promote your brand effectively and efficiently. However, larger video productions may be more reflective of your brand and be more personable, adding a level of trust with the audience. It often depends on the objectives and the audience.

We work closely with our clients to determine the most effective approach in line with their budget, time scales and objectives. Our experienced creative team has delivered a number of video and animation projects managing the process from briefing to distribution, we make it our priority to take ownership of each step in the process.


We craft compelling scripts and bring ideas to life through storyboarding and animatics ensuring all the key elements of a good story are in place – theme, plot, characters, setting, style and tone. If it’s film, we also manage models and locations, site recces, crew and scheduling.


Our art direction and shoot management experience ensures everything is kept on track, getting the best results from each situation. Whether that’s managing people and animals or overseeing the development of animated characters. This is where the detail matters. Everything must be orchestrated and work in harmony.


Editing is where we bring the expressive and immersive qualities to life. It’s here where we piece the story together and pin-point timing to create immediate watching experiences.